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  • 14 July 2018
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Free download The Road to Wigan Pier 100 Areas including detailed analysis of workers wages living conditions and working environments Orwell was profoundly influenced by his e. The book was written some 80 years ago however the subject still is very relevant in today s political atmosphere What I found most insightful is Orwell s argument around the issues of class and the great confusion between social status and economic status which overshadows the real issue at stakeOrthodox Marxists socialists often assume that social status is solely determined by income and therefore oversimplify and divide people into two classes the poor the proletarian class and the rich the bourgeois class the capitalists who exploit the proletariats Orwell argues that there are a hierarchy of social classes in between the poor and the rich and they are determined by how we are raised the manners and traditions we grow up with which persists from birth to death and which may or may not match our current income levelsThe polarization of today s political and social discourse in the west has become an issue on its own and is doing a great harm to our society because it directs attention away from the central fact that poverty is poverty and unemployment is unemployment regardless of our social classes Orwell calls for Less about class consciousness expropriation of the expropriators bourgeois ideology and proletarian solidarity not to mention the sacred sisters thesis antithesis and synthesis and about justice liberty and the plight of the unemployed Orwell didn t talk about the authoritarianism in socialism I think that socialism is inherently authoritarianism and that authoritarianism far left and far right has a record of blatant failure economically socially and humanely throughout the 20th century

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Free download The Road to Wigan Pier 100 The Road to Wigan Pier offers an in depth examination of socio economic conditions in the coal mining communities of Englands industrial. I finally got around to reading this work by George Orwell Nominally a historical record of the plight of coal miners in the UK between the wars and a detailed discussion of socialism this book is much than the sum of its parts I was struck many times by Orwell s predictive foresight concerning industrialism what we might call technology and society s reaction to living in an increasingly mechanized now digitalized world More relevant today then ever It s also recommended by Jordan Peterson what can I say

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Free download The Road to Wigan Pier 100 Xperiences while researchingAn unflinching look at unemployment and life among the working classes in Britain during the Great Depressio. If you enjoyed 1984 and Animal Farm and want to read of Orwell s superb prose this work of non fiction is unlikely to disappoint In the first part the author pulls no punches in his searing description of the appalling conditions in which many North of England working class people lived between the two world wars The second part is a sympathetic survey of socialism a system Orwell would later turn strongly against Being very much rooted in how things looked at the time this part is perhaps less accessible to modern readers but is certainly of historical interestOverall very highly recommended