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Summary War Dog: Fighting Other People's Wars 107 Al J Venter à 7 Summary Download ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB à Al J Venter All numbers of professional fighters on the ground defending civilians and attempting to conjure order from chaos In the process their heroism went unrecorded and their combat skill became known only to each other In this book we gain an intimate glimpse of this modern breed of warrior in combat Not laden with medals ribbons civic parades or even guaranteed income they have nevertheless fought some of the toughest battles in the post Cold War era They simply are and perhaps always will be War Dogs AL J VENTER has been an international war correspondent for nearly thirty years primarily for the Jane's Information Group He has also produced documentary television films on subjects from the wars in Africa and Afghanistan to sharkhunting off the Cape of Good Hope Among his previous works are The Irai War Debrief Why Saddam Hussein Was Toppled and Iran's Nuclear Option Tehran's uest for the Atomic Bomb A native of South Africa he is currently resident in the United Kingdom. Al Venter made his name with books like CHOPPER BOYS which were essentially photographic collections for rotorheads with some text In WAR DOG he starts to deliver the sort of text that makes for a rounded book Venter is never going to be producing works of political and military analysis there are plenty of academics doing this but he does produce exciting accounts of military operations and within these some gems of analysisThis book centres on three areas of mercenary involvement Sierra Leone Angola and the DRC and on a review of how the mercenary world has altered since Les Affreux were in the Belgian Congo to the world of Blackwater in Ira The main theme is a tight band of Venter s South African chums who served in the Border War and now fight across Africa Sierra Leone takes the biggest page count as Venter warms to three themes firstly the ineffective performance of UN forces secondly the effectiveness of Executive Outcomes the then South African company and thirdly the derring do of Neal Ellis the South African pilot of a Mi 24 Hind who acts as a force multiplier for the local forces This is good well paced adventure writing except that it is also what actually happenedVenter s heart has always been with his South African and Rhodesian friends but he is perfectly happy to compliment some UNITA units and to give due weight to the views of the black as against white Africans who make up the majority of these mercenary forces and even the Hizbullah supporting door gunnerThe events covered by Venter are often incredibly savage savage not because of an inherent African brutality but because of the tactics of a few men whose skill is terror You may have doubts about whether mercenary armies are the best way forward Venter has some solid arguments for you to consider but there can be no one in favour of the slaughter that has struck so many African nations from the new resource based insurgent movements

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War Dog: Fighting Other People's Wars

Summary War Dog: Fighting Other People's Wars 107 Al J Venter à 7 Summary Download ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB à Al J Venter Mercenaries have been with us since the dawn of civilization yet in the modern world they are little understood While many of today's freelance fighters provide support for larger military establishments others wage war where the great powers refuse to tread In War Dog Al Venter examines the latter world of mercenary fighters effecting decisions by themselves In the process he unveils a remarkable array of close uarters combat action Having personally visited every locale he describes throughout Africa and the Middle East Venter is the rare correspondent who had to carry an AK 47 in his research along with his notebook and camera To him covering mercenary actions meant accompanying the men into the thick of combat During Sierra Leone's civil war he flew in the front bubble of the government's lone Hind gunship piloted by the heroic chopper ace Nellis as it flew daily missions to blast apart rebel positions In this book the author not only describes the battles of the. This is the perfect companion book to Robert Young Pelton s Licensed to Kill While Pelton s book dealt mostly with PMCs in Ira and Afghanistanwith some mention to Africa this book deals mostly with modern use of Mercenaries in Africa with a lot of the book given to the actions of Executive Outcomes in Sierra Leone There is also an interesting chapter which details the rise of mercenaries in the 60s and 70s in Africa along with some details in other places such as Lebanon etcThis book makes an interesting proposal that PMCsor modern term for legalized mercenaries can provide an effective peacekeeping force than those useless UN troopsExcellent work

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Summary War Dog: Fighting Other People's Wars 107 Al J Venter à 7 Summary Download ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB à Al J Venter Legendary South African mercenary company Executive Outcomes he knew the founders personally and joined them on a number of actions After stemming the tide of Jonas Savimbi's UNITA army in Angola an outfit many of the SA operators had previously trained Executive Outcomes headed north to hold back vicious rebels in West Africa This book is not only about triumph against adversity but also losses as Venter relates the death and subseuent cannibalistic fate of his American friend Bob MacKenzie in Sierra Leone Here we see the plight of thousands of civilians fleeing from homicidal jungle warriors as well as the professionalism of the mercenaries who fought back with one hand and attempted to train government troops with the other in hopes that they would someday be able to stand on their own The American public as well as its military largely sidestepped the horrific conflicts that embroiled Africa during the past two decades But as Venter informs us there were indeed sm. Al Venter has been reporting on the African conflicts since 1965 meeting Frederic Forsyth in Biafra and is clearly a uniuely ualified individual to provide an insight into the world of contract soldiers as he has covered many of the conflicts where these have been engaged post WW2 and formed friendships with many of the illustrious onesThe book focuses on three theaters of operation namely Sierra Leone Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo It is most certainly not an analytical piece of work in that area something like Singer s CORPORATE WARRIORS THE RISE OF THE PRIVATIZED MILITARY INDUSTRY UPDATED BY Singer P W Author PaperbackCornell University Press Publisher is a much better bet but rather a book covering the conflicts mentioned from the day to day perspective of the contract soldiers engaged there and the author s interactions with themWhile easy to read generally the style can best be described as meandering freuently following side stories before at some point uietly returning back to the time line issue the author was originally discussing While it gives the book a story telling vibe it may not be to all reader s tastes It certainly does not with making it page turning in my opinionEven though the author has witnessed the conflicts he is writing about here and many others first hand one does not get the impression of the same dedication to researching all topics covered in depth to the extent found for instance in Forsyth s Biafra Story details are often brushed over and while this may not uite gel with all the readers the tenor of the book is a different one anyway making this perhaps less of an issueThe author certainly gives a voice to a community that has often been misunderstood and even freuently ostracized and this is certainly the book s strong point contribution This is not to say that readers generally opposed to the concept of contract soldiering will change their minds after reading the book but at least it gives of an insight into their worldIf you are interesting in getting coverage of the conflicts in Africa of the last two decades the book will certainly help in getting a richer picture on how mercenaries played a role there and on the prominent ones doing it But as mentioned in another review this is neither an analysis of African conflicts nor on the world of contract soldiering