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SUMMARY ↠ Character is Destiny Character is Destiny provides a rare and uniue glimpse into Pehr Gyllenhammar’s professional triumphs and failures. Character is Destiny ISBN 9781642799750 Morgan James Publishing copyright and written by Pehr Gyllenhammar Sub titled Reflections on Innovation served as part of the European Round Table group plotting ways to gain closer ties among the European countries resulting in the England France tunnel and 1980 s In 1994 he was invited to the newly democratically elected South African Parliament in Cape Town And the list goes on Then there are the other serendipitous encounters of importance An excellent example his relationship with the man responsible for Singapore s continued existence its Prime Minister It resulted from a chance meeting on a tennis court I have never much enjoyed talking about my personal life I do find it fascinating to talk about the company of good people that I have loved I have learned the most important lessons and my connections to people Are what allowed me to exceed the abilities and capacities with which I was born and to become a person who I believe has been of value in the world The dialogue continues with numerous other relationships and the mutual as well as world gains from the relationshipsDiscussion The author now in his eighties condenses many of his discussions in an interesting summary of his opinion of the world in a closing Epilogue An Afterword follows from a different perspective written by his eminently intelligent wife Dr Lee Croll whom he married after having lost his wife a few years ago They have a 4 year old daughter He remarks that there are Complex currents and eddies at work on every continent and sites Poland and Hungary as experiencing a rise of authoritarianism Austria and Italy gaining strong neo Nazi tendencies Russia as being in a brutal dictatorship with unaffordable military and dismal economy India as growing into a wonderful democracy the biggest in the world Tiny Singapore a good model for survival under firm leadership although earlier expressing disagreement with the Minister s firmness China s amazing rate of growth Middle East constant brutality Africa growing but drought and starvation challenging Australia comfortable and rich South America corruption fascist tendencies declining growth and discipline His impression of the United States discussed earlier as are the others is uite extensive and leaves this reader extremely disappointed and really uite amazed After pointing out his contributions and innovative ideas that have been helpful to other countries here he presents nothing than a continuation of the blame Trump material with which the country s residents constantly are bombarded In fact some of his stated decisions denounce the man as viciously if not so than I have heard or seen in the newspapers TV or other as expressed within the country Most regrettably I had expected that if a man of his long and far reaching experience were going to spend the time discussing the situation here in America he would look at the situation from a level basis I did not expect him to regurgitate material that is provided here daily There is no uestion that Trump has few if any likeable ualities However if the author will take an introspective moment he will discover a few of those he does not like about Trump within himself he prefers not to be part of a group but to work from his own agenda as shown in his preference to visit the Near East individually rather than having to perhaps agree with a group his chagrin with the media s reaction to his new young wife his seeming often confrontational relationship with Volvo These factors alone would appear to provide some basis of thought when he considers the man he has been examining a man who has been encountering similar situations and attacks for almost 4 years I guess this reviewer just expected a man of the author s remarkable attainments to at least attempt to provide innovative thoughts with respect to what road possibly may be followed to bring a no doubt circuitous but viable path to gain a suitable result for America

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SUMMARY ↠ Character is Destiny ; and his successful efforts to shape industry in Europe most notably with his creation of the European Roundtable o. Finally we can now have a glimpse into the life of the Swedish businessman and industrialist Perh Gyllenhammar written by his own hands Perh takes us through his life s journey and work and his many successes and failure It doesn t matter how many times you ve read about the author in newspapers and editorials reading a book about him in his own words will certainly change your perception about the author I believe the author s reason for this book is to enlighten us about his personality and worksOne of Perh s successes includes the creation of European Roundtable of Industrialists which served as a great force in unifying and creating a common interest among Europe top and budding industrialists There are a lot of important lessons to draw from this book which includes Perh s life and work at Volvo and his major contributions to the business worldPerh also had some word for the US under the current administration He pointed out some of the flaws and strengths of the Trump administration Character is Destiny is an important book which contains a lot of important lessons in business I enjoyed reading this book personally

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SUMMARY ↠ Character is Destiny F Industrialists which revitalized Europe’s infrastructure through projects like the France England Channel Tunnel. olvo longest serving and respected CEO Pehr Gyllenhammar a Swedish businessman and European Round Table of Industrialists founder is the main protagonist and also the writer of this book This is the first book published by him in the English languageCharacter is Destiny offers the author s own wisdom as to what people must do if they hope to see a future in which global business and democracy will surviveReaders will be exposed to Gyllenhammar s memoirs achievements personal experiences useful tips and secrets that proved to be helpful for his successful career and would be useful for the working life of anyone who reads itThis non fictional book is written for a general audience but particularly for people interested in business in setting up or improving one Its language is easy to understand and the information presented is organised in 10 chaptersI would gladly recommend it to all no matter what age as long as you are a person with dreams