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Cave and Cosmos: Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality.

Cave and Cosmos: Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality. Read í 2 Read & download Ï PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ý Michael Harner Review Cave and Cosmos: Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality. Nsciousness better than an ordinary state In fact there is some uestion whether you can see it in an ordinary state of consciousness at allIn other words not all spirits have significant power Those spirits that do are often referred to by shamanic peoples simply as powers Particularly important in indigenous cultures are the guardian spirits that provide protective power to the people they love When properly invoked by a shaman such a power also provides active healing assistance for curing illness and pain in the shamans patients Through experience the shaman has learned which spirits are powerfulPower is acuired in different ways In Siberia and parts of South America it was common to gain personal power after suffering from a severe illness that put someone at deaths door If that person suddenly had a miraculous recovery the local community concluded that a spirit had compassion for the person and interceded to relieve him or her of the illness In such an event people in the community typically would go to the revived and cured patient to see if the healing power could be used to help another individual suffering from a malady usually a similar one In other words the suffering of the ill person could evoke pity by a spirit In this way a shaman sometimes was createdSeeking Spirit Power Ideally one should not wait to become ill to aspire to gain this power Members of traditional shamanic cultures understood this well and encouraged young people in good health to suffer voluntarily in order that ancestral spirits might intervene to help them by sharing their power Muchthan a healing energy this power was seen as a force that would support people in daily life helping them to avoid misfortune and hardship and to achieve good outcomesMost famously this acuisition of power occurred in the power uestcommonly called the vision uest It should be mentioned however that not all successful power uests involved achieving visions For example among the Southern Okanagan the seeker might not see the spirit but instead receive its power through an auditory experience such as a song and wordsMost power uests were not something to be done by a sick person but by one who was healthy and often relatively young In a sense it was a kind of spiritual life insurance to further an individuals success and survivalSpirit power could usually be sought by almost anyone in a variety of isolated places where ancestral and other guardians were known to reside Such sites include mountaintops the depths of a cave a remote waterfall the Arctic wilderness particular canyons local burial sites or ruins a remote trail and other locations But one thing remained constant for success the spirits had to be convinced that a power seeking visitor to their haunts deserved help When arriving at such a place the visitor would usually sing or silently speak to the spirits there asking for their assistanceSuffering Voluntarily to Evoke Compassionate Help The uest took various forms Regardless of culture it commonly reuired seekers to prove themselves by suffering voluntarily such as from fear hunger thirst extreme cold or heat and exhaustion In shamanism suffering is not a method of atoning for ones sins but a way of attracting the help of powerful spiritsAmong some Inuit of the Arctic one way to have a successful uest for power was to spend four or five days in a special isolated igloo in the depths of winter without food or water When the specified time elapsed an elder usually a shaman opened the igloo and brought the person home The igloo did not have even an oil lamp to heat it so the suffering from extreme cold was combined with suffering from lack of water and food It is reported that in some cases the person seeking power might be naked during this time of uesting A less life challenging example is my own power uest among the Shuar that involved an exhausting climb up the forested eastern slopes of the Andes a near freezing bath below a waterfall and no solid food allowed prior to obtaining a vision helped by the overwhelming power of datura Brugmansia sp juiceVoluntary suffering for such power sometimes still occurs among Native American peoples of the Great Plains of North America where the person seeking a vision and power typically first becomes dehydrated in the purification or sweat lodge There the individual will intentionally suffer from the extreme heat and may even start becoming aware of spirit appearances and manifestations A.

Read & download Ï PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ý Michael Harner

Cave and Cosmos: Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality. Read í 2 Read & download Ï PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ý Michael Harner Review Cave and Cosmos: Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality. Spirit Power and the Cave by Michael HarnerAn excerpt from the book Cave and Cosmos Shamanic Encounters with Another RealityPowerIn February a small band of Shuar Jvaro men and I became lost after trekking for weeks through mountainous Upperrainforest Tired disoriented and hungry we finally ran into a friendly group of Shuar hunters who told us that we had been going in exactly the wrong direction They shared a bit of their provisions and pointed the way toward the Shuar neighborhood we soughtLeaving the hunters we soon came to a small but raging river fed by recent rainstorms in the Andes to the west This was an obstacle to our further progress so we waited for several days for the waters to go down without luck My companions waited uietly and seemed unperturbed by the situation while I became increasingly impatient for I knew it was possible to construct rafts of balsa logs and to get across using makeshift guadua bamboo paddles Several times I proposed to my companions that we should wait no longer for the water to recede but instead make rafts and paddle over to the other side Repeatedly they declined to do soGrowing increasingly impatient I finally challenged my companions pointing out that they called themselves great warriors but were unwilling to cross the river Without comment they shortly constructed three balsa log rafts and we prepared to make the crossing The river was about feet across and the first raft paddled by two of the Indians and carrying some of our baggage made it to the other side Then I went on the second raft with two paddlers We made it about three uarters of the way across and then were swept down into the rapids where the raft overturned dumping us into the raging torrent With extreme effort we were able to swim the remaining distance and survive The third raft made it acrossAs we collected ourselves and rested before hiking farther I remarked to them That was a pretty close call I guess we are lucky to be aliveI was expecting some agreement at least tacitly but my companions silently remained standing there like stereotypes of stoical Indian warriors They gave the impression that this had been nothing acting completely unfazedTheir lack of reaction perplexed me because these were the same men who were reluctant to cross the river despite my urging So I undiplomatically pointed out that they had not wanted to make the river crossing and now they were acting as if it were nothing even though they had been afraid to cross They exchanged glances with each other but said nothing Then one of them whom I knew particularly well finally replied He said Well you see we were not really afraid to cross the river because we cannot die But we did not know about you At that moment the perilousriver crossing opened a door to important spiritual knowledge After that I gradually learned from the Shuar that they were protected by spirit power against all forms of death except epidemic disease I also learned that such power can leave one Thus unprotected people do indeed die Therefore before leaving on precarious missions people watched for signs as to whether they still possessed the protective powers provided by their guardian spirits If the signs were negative they did not depart on such a mission especially if it involved an attack on an enemyLike the Shuar indigenous shamans worldwide know that spirit power is basic to ones health survival and ability to heal others Without this power one is not resistant to illness or misfortune In traditional shamanic cultures this awareness permeates the daily life of virtually everyoneJaime de Angulo who spent time with the Atsugewe people of Northern California in the early twentieth century said it well Without power you cannot do anything out of the ordinary With power you can do anythingThe power is like a force field that permeates the shaman and permits him or her to use the power to help and heal others The shamans idea of power is similar to our concept of energy yet it includesenergy as well as intelligence and self confidence Spiritual power is not political power or power over others It is power essential to ones health and ability to surviveSpiritsAt this point let me explain what I mean by a spirit As I have said elsewhere a spirit can be defined as an animate essence that has intelligence and different degrees of power that is seen most easily in complete darkness and much less freuently in bright light and in an altered state of co.

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Cave and Cosmos: Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality. Read í 2 Read & download Ï PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ý Michael Harner Review Cave and Cosmos: Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality. Fterward the seeker goes to an isolated mountaintop accompanied by a shaman priest medicine man and or other elders The individual is left all alone for a prearranged number of days and then the elders return to retrieve the person from the mountaintopIn theextreme form of the Plains vision or power uest the seeker would be wrapped in a blanket or uilt and placed in the ground in an L shaped hole that had already been constructed and used previously The vision seekers sacred pipe was included The hole would then be covered to reduce light so that the person would be better able to have visionary experiences both day and night and to increase suffering through isolation sensory deprivation and cold The suffering was heightened by not being allowed to drink water at any time after the sweat lodge or during the uestThe suffering is normally accompanied by praying to the ancestors Have pity on me usually addressing them as grandfathers since among indigenous peoples in the Upperand the North American Plains grandfathers tends to be a gloss for all ancestors because in many shamanic cultures there is no special word for ancestors Once again the suffering is intended to evoke compassion by the ancestral spirits so they may provide visionary experiences that bestow spiritual power on the supplicant In revealing themselves they may appear in either animal or human formWhy should those ancestor spirits provide help The answer is really simple when leaving ordinary reality at the time of death they have chosen to remain here in the Middle World in order to help their genealogical descendants or allies of their descendants When properly evoked and convinced that a visitor deserves help these spirits will reveal themselves in the forms the beings choose communicate and lend power to help the pilgrim overcome the difficulties and dangers of life I often call them uasi compassionate ethnocentric spirits or simply ethnocentric spirits Their protective compassion is conditional in two main ways they tend to help their descendants as long as they themselves are remembered and honored and they can be highly vengeful against those who threaten their descendants or allies of their descendants From Cave and Cosmos Shamanic Encounters with Spirits and Heavens by Michael Harner published by North Atlantic Books copyright by Michael Harner Reprinted by permission of publisherPraise for Michael Harner and The Way of the Shaman What Yogananda did for Hinduism and D T Suzuki did for Zen Michael Harner has done for shamanismnamely bring the tradition and its richness to Western awareness from Higher Wisdom by Roger Walsh and Charles S Grob Wonderful fascinating Harner really knows what hes talking about Carlos Castaneda best selling author of The Teachings of Don Juan and The Active Side of Infinity An intimate and practical guide to the art of shamanic healing and the technology of the sacred Michael Harner is not just an anthropologist who has studied shamanism he is an authentic white shaman Stanislav Grof author of The Adventure of Self Discovery Harner has impeccable credentials both as an academic and as a practicing shaman Without doubt since the recent death of Mircea Eliade the worlds leading authority on shamanism Nevill Drury author of The Elements of Shamanism Michael Harner is a great shaman He also proves that a person can be both a scientist and a shaman Bo Bair Rinchinov Siberian Buryat shaman Michael Harner is the world s best known expert on shamanism Parabola magazine Without doubt essential reading and destined to be a classic on the subjectjust as much as his ground breaking Way of the Shaman written all those years ago Sacred Hoop magazine A contemporary classic of shamanic studies Nefer Khepri Magickal Musings Cave and Cosmos demonstrates with many examples of shamanic journeys from Harner s students that spirits really do exist and they want us to know that they exist Riverdrum Cave and Cosmos is likely the most important modern work on the perservation of shamanism and our renunion with humanity s original spiritual heritage Marc Star New Dawn magazine Since the publication of The Way of the Shaman Michael has established The Foundation for Shamanic Studies and has been actively promoting his work through regular workshops and lectures Cave and Cosmos is a relfection on a great deal of the intervening years researchIt is a highly readable and thoroughly engaging account Peter J Morris MysteriesofSirius.

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