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Download The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook Read & Download ✓ The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook review » E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ Ina Garten To save their calories for dessert I love to serve this alongside other Mediterranean specialties such as hummus pita bread Greek olives feta cheese and stuffed grape leaves medium eggplant peeled red bell peppers seededred onion peeled garlic cloves minced tablespoons good olive oil teaspoons kosher salt teaspoon freshly ground black pepper tablespoon tomato pastePreheat the oven to degreesCut the eggplant bell pepper and onion into inch cubes Toss them in a large bowl with the garlic olive oil salt and pepper Spread them on a baking sheet Roast for minutes until the vegetables are lightly browned and soft tossing once during cooking Cool slightlyPlace the vegetables in a food processor fitted with a steel blade add the tomato paste and pulse or times to blend Taste for salt and pepperServe with toasted pita triangles or crackersLamb Sausage in Puff Pastrymakes appetizers serves to Whenever I am catering a party and the husband wants good old pigs in blankets and the wife wants somethingsophisticated I recommend lamb sausage in puff pastry It looks the same but tastes so much better You can use any kind of thin fresh sausage for this recipe I like to serve it with extra mustard pound fresh lamb sausage inch thick in a coil sheets commercial puff pastry thawed see note tablespoonsDijon mustard egg beaten with tablespoon water or milk for egg washPreheat the oven to degreesBake the sausage on a baking sheet for minutes Turn the sausage and bake it to minutes until it s fully cooked Cool to room temperatureUnfold the puff pastry on a lightly floured board Cut each piece in half lengthwise and brush the top sides with mustard Divide the sausage into eual pieces Starting at the long end of the pastry place piece of the sausage on top of the mustard and roll it up tightly overlapping the end by inch and sealing the pastry by brushing the edge with water Cut off the excess pastry Roll the other pieces of sausage in puff pastry Place the rolls seam side down on a baking sheet lined with parchmen.

review » E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ Ina Garten

The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook

Download The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook Read & Download ✓ The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook review » E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ Ina Garten The Cocktail PartyBefore I owned a specialty food store I could spend hours making hors d oeuvres for a cocktail party Now I think it simportant to have fun and to spend time with my friends If I am racing around getting drinks for everyone and then running back and forth to the kitchen to get hot hors d oeuvres out of the oven I have missed the point of having a party So now I have several guidelines for myselfFirst all the fixings for drinks are on a table in the room where cocktails are served glasses wines alcohol mixers ice lemons and limes I often have one special drink which everyone ends up choosing Campari with soda and blood orange juice champagne and crme de cassis or margaritas Second I do everything possible to ensure that I never leave the room Friends need to be greeted people who don t know each other need to be introduced and the energy of a party is set from the moment people arrive I choose appetizers that can be served at room temperature and everything is out on tables or ready to pass before the first guest arrives Third despite my passion for good food it s not my first priority for a good cocktail party The first one is the guest list Are the people interesting Will they enjoy each other s company Are there surprises I sometimes ask people to bring friends who are fun so surprises happen Cocktail parties with good hearty food can be a very easy way to entertain particularly on Friday night I serve five or six different kinds of appetizers and three of each kind per person Plan a menu like a meal seafood crab cakes vegetables roasted eggplant and meat chicken satay You can even serve coffee and a country dessert platter at the end Friends stop on their way home from work who needs dinner after a good cocktail party and they can be home by having had a wonderful start to their weekendWhat could be better Roasted Eggplant Spreadserves to This is not only good it s good for you Many years ago we developed a group of recipes that have almost no fat for customers who like.

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Download The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook Read & Download ✓ The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook review » E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ Ina Garten T paper Brush with the egg wash Lightly score each roll diagonally to make eual pieces Bake at degrees for to minutes until browned Slice and serve immediatelyLobster Salad in Endivemakes appetizers serves to If you want to be good to yourself and your guests at the same time ask your fish store to sell you cooked fresh lobster meat instead of cooking a lobster yourself This is a great summer appetizer or a special treat for New Year s Eve This recipe is also good and not uite so expensive with cooked shrimp or crabmeat You ll see that a little salad makes a lot of appetizers pound fresh cooked lobster meat small diced cup good mayonnaise cup small diced celery stalk tablespoon capers drained tablespoons minced fresh dillpinch kosher saltpinch freshly ground black pepper heads Belgian endiveCombine the lobster mayonnaise celery capers dill salt and pepperWith a sharp knife cut off the base of the endive and separate the leaves Use a teaspoon to fill the end of each endive leaf with lobster salad Arrange on a platter and serveI enjoy Barefoot Contessa both for its presentation which is just about the best I ve ever seen and also because the food tastes like home cooking because it is I m drawn in as much by its personality as I am by what they have to offer Steven Spielberg director DreamWorks SKGLike Ina Garten herself this stunning lively new book is about style simplicity comfort and good times among family and friends Her natural approach to food is frank and forward and you are sure to treasure each tip each story each recipe Patricia Wells author of At Home with Patricia Wells Cooking in ProvenceNo storefully embodies the easy stylish elegance of the Hamptons than Barefoot Contessa And no one understands what successful entertaining is all about better than Ina Garten Born of retailing her wonderful accessible recipes have been tested on you and me for a very long time and they really work Bravo Eli Zabar owner of EAT The Vinegar Factory Eli s Bread Across the Street and Eli s Manhatt.

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