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  • The Caucasus: An Introduction
  • Thomas de Waal
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  • 28 August 2020
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Read & Download The Caucasus: An Introduction Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Complexity Over the last few years the South Caucasus region has captured international attention again because of disputes between the West and Russia its unresolved conflicts and its role as an energytransport corridor to Europe The Caucasus gives the reader a historical overview and an authoritative guide to the three conflicts that have blighted the region Thomas. A fascinating look at societies based in the region staking Europe and Asia I ve always been fascinated by Azerbaijan Armenia and Georgia mainly because of the scripts of the latter two and de Waal does a great job of outlining their histories over the past 200 years covering the Ottoman Empire Persian involvement Russian conuest and Sovietisation of the areaThis has recently been updated skillfully and knowledgeablyOne niggling and deeply annoying criticism however and this is no reflection on the author the publisher s should be ashamed at the appalling typo s and errors in the layout particularly in the latter half of the book Please OUP employ a proofreader to correct these before you consider a reprint

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Read & Download The Caucasus: An Introduction Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook This new edition of The Caucasus is a thorough update of an essential guide that has introduced thousands of readers to a complex region Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia and the break away territories that have tried to split away from them constitute one of the most diverse and challengingregions on earth impressing the visitor with their multi layered history and ethnic. I bought this after a fantastic holiday taking in Georgia Armenia and Kyiv We had some great guides but it was clear that there was far to it Their views were inevitably coloured by their life experiences which were absolutely fascinating but I wanted to know about how the area had evolved as well as the broader political picture Suffice it to say that it is complex and ever changingMost of the books I found on were uite old but when I discovered that this one was being updated late 2018 I placed an advance order immediately The fluid politics of the region mean that it is inevitably out of date already but it covers complex topics in a balanced and straightforward manner He is not afraid to point out when poor decisions have led to dire conseuences but this is presented in a factual way without apportioning blameIt s a relatively easy read and you will come away knowledgeable than you started You will not get this depth of information or balance when you visit but reading it after coming home meant that things did start to click into place Coming from a relatively stable island state it s difficult to appreciate the ever changing borders and the feelings of ethnic groups that have been displaced or who believe they have rights to certain lands held by others Definitely worth buying if you have any interest in the post soviet world

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Read & Download The Caucasus: An Introduction Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook De Waal tells the story of the Five Day War between Georgia and Russia and recent political upheavals in all three countriesHe also finds time to tell the reader about Georgian wine Baku jazz and how the coast of Abkhazia was known as Soviet Florida Short stimulating and rich in detail The Caucasus is the perfect guide to this fascinating and little understood regio. great book easy and uick to read