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  • 05 November 2019
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Into That Darkness Read ☆ 2 Review Into That Darkness Yman and settled in London where they brought up a son and a daughter and where she began her career as a journalistHer journalistic work was of great variety but focussed particularly on the Third Reich and troubled children She wrote mainly for the Daily Telegraph Magazine the Sunday Times The Times the Independent and the Independent on Sunday Review She also contributed to numerous newspapers and magazines around the world Her books include The Medallion a novel; The Invisible Children on child prostitution; Into That Darkness; and a biographical examination of Albert Speer Gitta Sereny died in June 201. I wasn t sure I wanted to read this at first but I am glad I did It provides a very different perspective on the concentration camps from most of the books I have read I did not read it too stand in judgement but to try and gain an understanding of what made so many commit such atrocities I feel I have achieved that La route des vins dAlsace numerous Première Guerre mondiale newspapers and magazines around the world Her books include The Medallion a PATRIMOINE MINIER D'ALSACE N°299 (ITINERAIRES DU PATRIMOINE) not read it too stand in judgement but to try and gain an understanding of what made so many commit such atrocities I feel I have achieved that

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Into That Darkness

Into That Darkness Read ☆ 2 Review Into That Darkness The biography of Franz Stangl commandant of the Treblinka extermination camp a classic and utterly compelling study of evilOnly four men commanded Nazi extermination as opposed to concentration camps Franz Stangl was one of the Gitta Sereny's investigation of this man's mind and of the influences which shaped him has become a classic Stangl commanded Treblinka and was found guilty of co responsibility for the slaughter there of at least 900 000 people Sereny after weeks of talk with him and months of further research shows us this man as he saw himself and 'as he was seen by many others including his wife T. I m a fan of Sereny s work in so far as she is easy to read and was an intelligent author She had access to the former Nazi SS Kommandant of Treblinka Death Camp in Eastern Poland where in eighteen months between 1942 43 an estimated 900000 Jews primarily from the Warsaw Ghetto were gassed to death men women children babies In addition brave Polish citizens that resisted the Nazis were also murdered at TreblinkaStangl arrested in Brazil and shipped back to Germany stood trial for his work not just in Treblinka but prior to that in one of Nazi Germany s Euthanasia centre s at Hartheim castle in AustriaThrough Sereny Stangl and his wife tell their story Stangl maintains his innocence and Sereny does a great job of allowing Stangl to face his demons and make peace with himself whatever that was The ending to the book is surprisingHis re telling of events at Hartheim and then Sobibor and Treblinka are as horrendous as one might expect His ability to stand aside from it all and convince himself and his family that he had done no wrong is an exercise in psychology and self defence to say the leastThere is a danger that the reader could become sympathetic toward Stangl his wife and three daughters As and of their story is told so the distance between Hartheim and Treblinka grow With this what Stangl had done or had oversight of becomes dimmer Just as The boy in the striped pyjamas leaves the readerviewer feeling sorry for the German boy of a Nazi SS Kommandant making his way into the showers and not grief for the hundreds of thousand Jews that had gone before the boy so a balance is needed when getting close to the Stangles storyThe book itself provides clinical insight into the establishment of function of and the murders committed at Nazi Germany s evil murder camps only surpassed in numbers murdered by Auschwitz Birkenau Belzec and Sobibor are mentioned too but the imagery of Treblinka painted by Stangl is horrendous For that reason alone the book has historic valueSereny weaves the Stangl family story from Austria Treblinka to Syria and to Brazil where they lived in plain sight Unlike Eichmann in the Argentine Stangl did not change his name He registered himself and his family at the Austrian Consulate in Brazil and worked under his name at various companies He was never hiding as Sereny goes to some length to state despite Wiesenthal s insistenceMy only regret with the Kindle copy of the book is the limited amount of copy the Kindle app allows Using this function for research notes places the Kindle version above the physical book option for me I do not doubt that I shall return to the book again in the future Next on my long list to read are Sereny s The German Trauma Experiences and Reflections 1938 2001 and Albert Speer his battle with truth If you buy this book be prepared for the horrors of Nazi Germany s mass murder death camps

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Into That Darkness Read ☆ 2 Review Into That Darkness O horrify is not Sereny's aim though horror is inevitable She is seeking an answer to the uestion which beggars reason How were human beings turned into instruments of such overwhelming evilGitta Sereny is of Hungarian Austrian extraction and is trilingual in English French and German During the Second World War she became a social worker caring for war damaged children in France She gave hundreds of lectures in schools and colleges in America and when the war ended she worked as a Child Welfare Officer in UNRRA displaced persons' camps in Germany In 1949 she married the American Vogue photographer Don Hone. This book is really two stories One about Franz Stangl and his role in the final solution and one about the Catholic church and its role in the final solution The former I found fascinating the latter I found dull I guess it s because I already had a low opinion of the Catholic church and it was conseuently no surprise to read about their involvement with hiding Nazis and their reluctance to condemn the murder of Jews It didn t tell me anything new