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  • A Place Outside the Law: Forgotten Voices from Guantanamo
  • Peter Jan Honigsberg
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  • 09 November 2018
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A Place Outside the Law: Forgotten Voices from Guantanamo review ↠ 100 Summary ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Peter Jan Honigsberg Peter Jan Honigsberg ☆ 0 review Ional stories In each one we face the reality that the healing process cannot begin until we start the conversation about what was done in the name of protecting our country These are a few of them Many alleged operatives in Guantnamo were purchased by the United States for ransom from Afghan and Pakistani soldiers Brandon Neely a prison guard who processed the first group of suspected operatives to arrive in Cuba flew to London to embrace the detainees he guarded after leaving the military Navy whistleblower Matt Diaz covertly released the names o. Oh boy here we go This book was clearly written to persuade the Reader towards a one sided agenda regarding GB and doesn t even try to hide that fact but that is the Author s right to do so but it s also mine to not agree with that point of view so let s just put that out there nowRegardless the point of this review is the book itself and it is well written it does contain a lot of facts and it is informative and well written I learned some thing from this book so despite my opinions views I did take something away from reading itI do agree with it that changes need to be made and at the end of the day people DO deserve humane treatment even if they don t treat others humanly The thing is though if you want to be treated like a human being don t do things to get yourself put in Guantanamo Bay Prison Period Because everyone knows what happens there and everyone knows why it needs to be in existenceBUT however as this book points out there are innocent people suffering the same fate as the guilty and that is why this information needs to be told Some of the things you read in this book are downright disturbing and for the innocent it is horrific to envision them being treated so vile I just think this book should have been written on a unbiased viewpoint so people would get it the way it s intended 4 starsIf this review helped you make an informed choice about this product in any way I would appreciate it if you take a moment of your time and let me know by hitting the Helpful button and letting me know I appreciate that you took the time to read my review Thank you

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A Place Outside the Law: Forgotten Voices from Guantanamo review ↠ 100 Summary ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Peter Jan Honigsberg Peter Jan Honigsberg ☆ 0 review Firsthand testimonies from Guantnamo Bay inspiring future generations to never repeat the human rights violations of the detention centerLaw scholar and Witness to Guantnamo founder Peter Jan Honigsberg uncovers a haunting portrait of life at the military prison and its toll not only on the detainees and their loved ones but also on its military and civilian personnel and the journalists who reported on itHonigsberg conducted 158 interviews across 20 countries so that the people who lived and worked there could tell their heartbreaking and inspirat. The author thinks Guantanamo Bay should never have been opened and that the US had no right to detain anyone thereThis book while interesting does not convince meIt s not objective The author clearly states his bias Worse he omits much important information and accepts as fact much that undermines his thesisThe author wants readers to sympathize with Guantanamo Bay detainees He provides tons of feel good info on detainees people who worked with them and experts from the so called Center for Constitutional Rights among others Feeling looks crying sympathetic comments from parents a conversion to Islam since the prisoners were so nice etcA 2006 Seton Hall paper cited here p 18 claims that only 8 percent of GB detainees were al aeda fighters while 55 percent were not hostile to the US That is 55 percent had committed no hostile act against the US on the battlefield Of course that would leave much room for hostility eg to plan hostile acts assist in hostile acts fund hostile acts and so onIndeed as of September 2018 the US Director of National Intelligence reported to Congress that of the 729 detainees by then transferred from Guantanamo Bay 123 had demonstrably reengaged in terrorism another 99 were suspected to reengage in terrorism most before January 2009In short than 30 percent of those released returned to terrorism or were suspected to have returned to terrorism making suspect the mere innocent sounding 8 percent of original detainees that had been fighters There was a lot animosity towards the US amongst those GB detainees than suggested by either the Seton Hall study or the book s authorHere s another problem the Center for Constitutional Rights that backed the author s project intentionally named itself to sound fundamentally pro American But a closer look calls the Center s true purpose into uestionThe lead issue for this group according to its web page is abusive immigration practices not constitutional rightsThe US Constitution of course established the laws of our nation the United States of AmericaIt opens We the People of the United States in Order to form a perfect Union establish Justice insure domestic Tranuility provide for the common defence promote the general Welfare and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America Not a single word in the constitution concerns immigrantsNot a single word gives free access to the United States to foreigners Indeed the constitution opens with the need for domestic tranuility and the common defense Later articles and clauses cover among other things the means to prosecute enemies and traitorsBut free access to America is not a constitutional right and the denial to foreigners of free access to the US does not constitute an abuse of immigration practices or rightsThe Center though wants anyone and everyone to have access to the US It seeks to destroy immigration laws and all means to enforce themAnd so what if 19 foreigners most of the in the US illegally attacked the US on 911Among the Center s board members is Laila Al Arian the eldest daughter of Sami Al Arian a terrorist fundraiser who lied about his terrorist affiliations to gain American residency and citizenship and was in 2007 deported for it While Laila Al Arian is not guilty of her father s crimes and the Constitution prohibits such conferrence of guilt she does object to US immigration laws and their enforcement doubtless since her father was after all legally deported according to those lawsKnowing all this and knowing that Peter Jan Honigsberg is backed by the misleadingly named Center for Constitutional Rights establishes doubt as to the veracity of many assertions in this bookFor example the author writes p8 with no footnotes or other authentication that after 911 there were countless stories of brown people Muslims people of South Asian decent and people of Middle Eastern decent who were harassed in public venues and on streets throughout the country Yes there were stories For example Egyptian Sheikh Muhammad Al Gameia of Al Azhar University served until Sept 28 2001 as Imam at New York City s Islamic Cultural Center and Mosue on 96th street Once back in Egypt Al Gameia aka Gemeaha claimed he had been harassed and said only the Jews could have perpetrated September 11 If Americans knew they would have done to Jews what Hitler did He added Allah says Jews disseminate corruption in the land and spread heresy homosexuality alcoholism and drugs Whether the author included this particular Muslim allegation of post 911 harrassment in his unsubstantiated stories I don t know But with no evidence whatsoever he accepts anecdotal as factual and encourages readers do so tooOften anecdotes are wrong however Reporters have documented at least 60 anti Muslim hate crime hoaxes since 2001Take the 792004 arson at a Muslim operated Everett Washington grocery first reported as a hate crime Investigators found that store operator Mirza Akram staged the arson to collect insurance and avoid a large scheduled payment on his store purchase And despite the fraud human rights groups still falsely report this case and others like it an anti Muslim hate crimes The author leads us to believe that a large percentage of the detainees in Guantanamo should never have been brought there that they were peaceful and innocent people simply in the wrong place at the wrong timeThe author discusses the case of a British trio the so called Tipton Three Rhuhel Ahmed Asif Ibal and Shafi Rasul Detained in north Afghanistan on Nov 28 2001 by General Abdul Rashid Dostum s men they were sent to Guantanamo as suspected terrorists and remained until their March 2004 releases without chargeBut noted by as the renowned International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation ICSR at the King s College in London Rhuhel Ahmed in 2007 admitted he had visited an Islamist training camp and there learned to handle weapons like AK 47s In a Jan 2010 BBC interview his compatriots confirmed that story Many times they all went to the Taliban training camp one said They were later in Afghanistan where they d gone to fight jihad against the West as encouraged by the imam at the Tipton mosueThese guys cleaned up on stories broadcast on the alleged abuses they suffered at Guantanamo But by their own admission they went to Afghanistan to fight jihad against the WestThis book opens with the atrocities committed against America and Americans on Sept 11 2001 and the than 3300 people who died that day But it does not mention the deaths of at least 446 as a result of exposure to the toxic materials loosed in that attack and it does not mention the dozens of terrorist attacks attempted and made in America and overseas sinceAnd the book uickly forgets the horror of those attacks and encourages us to embrace our enemies and disparage the US This Guantanamo guard converted to Islam That habeas corpus attorney uit her job and abandoned the US And so onObviously the US had and has a problem on how to handle the alleged perpetrators of 911 And maybe Guantanamo has not been a perfect solution But was it as horrible as this author wants us to think I doubt itWar is hell and the US did not start this war nor did the US have any clear means of dealing with non state enemy actorsMoreover we have incarcerated alleged 911 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed also suspected for the 2002 murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl We have four other alleged genocidal maniacs as well Their terrorism trials are scheduled to begin in January 2021The story here that most interested me was that of the 20 Uighur Muslims who had lived in the Tora Bora mountains or in Pakistan and were turned over to the US They had reportedly gone to Afghanistan and Pakistan to learn how to fight against China Their complaints the book contends were understandably with ChinaChina had grabbed East Turkestan in the mid 1990s renamed it Xinjiang and then proceeded to conduct cultural genocide similar to what began in Tibet with its 1949 1950 invasion I feel sorry for them but their plight does not negate the US need to detain and prosecute its enemies

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A Place Outside the Law: Forgotten Voices from Guantanamo review ↠ 100 Summary ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Peter Jan Honigsberg Peter Jan Honigsberg ☆ 0 review F 500 detainees by sending them in a greeting card to a lawyer in New York Journalist Carol Rosenberg committed the past 17 years of her career to documenting life at Guantnamo And Damien Corsetti an interrogator who came to be known as the King of Torture received ribbons and awards for the same cruel actions for which he was later prosecutedIn startling aching prose A Place Outside the Law shines a light on these unheard voices and through them encourages the global community to embrace humanity as our greatest tool to make the world a safer plac. First of all I have my own political beliefs which I will omit while analyzing the contents of this book Since it is very controversial and one can review the content based on which side of blue or red they sit on I m going to try and avoid either side even if one could argue that the author is biased BUT one could also argue that there was 158 interviews conducted across 20 countries which would take a considerable amount of time to organize evaluate and write and based on this alone this book was tremendously well written I do believe there were many injustices made and sadly allowed Do I believe that there should have been no GB NoJust as with the immigration issues TODAY I believe there needs to be law and order but also believe that law and order should be conducted as humanely and justly as possible and there should be checks and balances to ensure people are treated with dignity with human rights in mindWe can point fingers and blame all day long but that solves nothing neither back then now nor in the future I don t blame people who did their jobs according to the law but I do blame those who take the law inside their own hands and laws that need to be changed or updated to reflect society s norms of what is right and wrongThis book brings to light what is wrong with how governments are able to justify doing just about anything in the name of patriotism which I am one but know the difference between right and wrong and don t allow others to brainwash me otherwise I am thankful that the victims were able to tell their truths and the author wrote about themI tend to reread books to ensure I didn t read something inaccurately or missed an important point as I will with this book and will update my thoughts if needed