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  • 09 January 2020
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Read & Download ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook µ Bari Weiss Bari Weiss µ 4 review Read & Download How to Fight Anti-Semitism Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook The rise for years in Europe So that terrible morning in Pittsburgh raised a uestion Americans can no longer avoid Could it happen here This book is Weiss's answer Like many Weiss long believed this country could escape the rising tide of anti Semitism With its promise of free speech and religion its insistence that all people are created eual its tolerance for difference and its emphasis on shared ideals rather than bloodlines America has been even with all its flaws a new Jerusalem for the Jewish people But now the luckiest Jews in history are beginning to face a three headed dragon known all too well to Jews of other times and places the physical fear of violent assault the moral fear of ideological vilification and the political fear. There s only two things I didn t like about this book I loved the rest1 It s American and so focuses on the American experience and when it covers other areas eg Europe it takes a US perspective2 It may date as the examples and there are lots will mean the book needs regular updating For example it mentions the UK Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn but thank goodness Corbyn has gone so there is a chance the Labour party will cease being antiSemiticBari Weiss writes well and clearly and describes right wing antiSemitism left wing antiSemitism and radical Islam and gets it right for all Her final chapter is the most important as this is where so many fail but her recommendations may prove hard for those lacking commitment As her argument is that to really fight you have to stand up to being Jewish not just paying lip service to this I agree with her on this and she argues it well but scarily a lot of people will say no just need to campaign a bit protest a bit which hasn t worked in the past and she gets it right by pointing out it won t work in the future either

Free download How to Fight Anti-SemitismHow to Fight Anti-Semitism

Read & Download ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook µ Bari Weiss Bari Weiss µ 4 review Read & Download How to Fight Anti-Semitism Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Of resurgent fascism and populism No longer the exclusive province of the far right the far left and assorted religious bigots anti Semitism now finds a home in identity politics as well as the reaction against identity politics in the renewal of America First isolationism and the rise of one world socialism and in the spread of Islamist ideas into unlikely places A hatred that was until recently reliably taboo is migrating toward the mainstream amplified by social media and a culture of conspiracy that threatens us all Weiss is one of our most provocative writers and her cri de couer makes a powerful case for renewing Jewish and American values in this uncertain moment Not just for the sake of America's Jews but for the sake of America. This is a must read for anyone who cares about antisemitism racism and social justice Bari Weiss has brilliantly and articulately explained the history of antisemitism the various ways it shows its ugly head the current form of it we re facing today and how to confront it She s somehow managed to do all of this in one concise highly readable and engaging book

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Read & Download ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook µ Bari Weiss Bari Weiss µ 4 review Read & Download How to Fight Anti-Semitism Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook The prescient former New York Times writer delivers an urgent wake up call to all Americans exposing the alarming rise of anti Semitism in this country and explains what we can do to defeat it WINNER OF THE NATIONAL JEWISH BOOK AWARD StunningBari Weiss is heroic fearless brilliant and big hearted Most importantly she is right Lisa Taddeo #1 New York Times bestselling author of Three Women On October 27 2018 eleven Jews were gunned down as they prayed at their synagogue in Pittsburgh It was the deadliest attack on Jews in American history For most Americans the massacre at Tree of Life the synagogue where Bari Weiss became a bat mitzvah came as a total shock But anti Semitism is the oldest hatred commonplace across the Middle East and on. This book claims to be an account of contemporary anti Semitism which offers advice on how to combat it It fails on both accounts It is not a serious social or historical study of modern anti Jewish prejudice It lacks an index or a bibliography Bari Weiss is an opinion column journalist not a historian or a sociologist and it shows As a survey of contemporary anti Semitism it is shrill patchy impressionistic and distorted by Weiss s political agenda which takes two forms The first is the recycling of ancient grudges against former adversaries and the second is the claim that the radical Left is as complicit in a rising tide of anti Semitism as the extreme rightThis book is primarily pitched at a domestic American readership A chapter which purports to be about the history of anti Semitism in the USA snipes at her old enemy congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard A chapter on Radical Islam and anti Semitism in the Middle East climaxes with an attack on congresswoman Ilhan Omar with a side swipe at Bernie Sanders The chapter on The Left begins with Lenin and Stalin and ends with congresswoman Rashida Tlaib In short this book is a febrile political polemic Brimming with indignation Bari Weiss sees danger to Jews everywhere She speaks of the demonization of Jews in the press and by politicians but supplies not a single example to back up her wild claim Those who are found guilty of soft pedalling the menace of anti Semitism include such unlikely figures as Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama But there are many A few are named but most are not This evidence free book is full of empty generalisations typical of tabloid journalism never anchored to any kind of detail Those Americans who present a danger to Jews Weiss asserts include left wing professors activists tech workers artists lawyers and doctors Worst of all she says are Jews who are engaged in the ugly work of anti Zionism These Jews she charmlessly suggests are exactly like those Jews who actively worked for the Nazis She doesn t name a single one of these Jews or identify where they express their point of view Astonishingly she even goes so far as to claim that anti Semitism that originates on the political left is insidious and perhaps existentially dangerous In this lopsided perspective Neo Nazis and jihadi fanatics who actually murder Jews are less dangerous than non violent anti racists and left wing professors who criticise IsraelHer methods of combating anti Semitism are saved for the last chapter and are largely platitudinous Tell the truth and sometimes self regarding If you find yourself standing alone know that you are in good company But there is also Support Israel This book is basically about defending Israel from criticism by portraying its critics as being motivated by furtive anti Semitism Weiss repeats all the arid pieties of Zionism and insists on love of Israel as a core aspect of Jewish identityAnti Semitism is conventionally understood as racism and racism can be understood as originating in fear and loathing of difference poor education economic stress social isolation a need for scapegoating and so on Prejudice emerges from identifiable social sources But Weiss will have none of this Her concept of anti Semitism is fundamentally irrational She describes it as a timeless disease a cancer a virus highly infectious She seems blissfully unaware that these kinds of biological metaphor are precisely how anti Semites have historically viewed the presence of Jews in society Ironically when Weiss claims to be combating a spreading contagion she unconsciously mimics the language of anti Semitism Bari Weiss repeatedly refers with approval to a nebulous thing she calls Jewish power which indicates that as a self appointed authority on anti Semitism she is astonishingly lacking in awareness She is strangely obsessed with health calling for a healthy centrism a healthy patriotism and healthy American pride But this again is the language of the political Right These concepts are coercive since if you regard your own politics as healthy then by definition the politics of people who disagree with you are sick unhealthy or diseasedThe reason why Weiss is anxious to steer the conversation away from racism seems obvious American Jews experience no institutional discrimination at all They are not harassed by the police Weiss is outraged by a leftist Jewish writer characteristically she fails to say who this person is who observed that violent assaults on Jews were a relative rarity compared to systematic racial violence against Blacks and others But if anti Semitism is racism and racism is one of the worst prejudices of all where does that leave Weiss s beloved Israel The founding fathers of Israel were all virulent racists with a colonial mindset Weiss s hero Theodor Herzl spoke of Palestine as being blighted by Arabs His writings are saturated in contempt for dirty Arabs Chaim Weizmann was also contemptuous of the Arab rabble He compared Palestinians to the mosuitoes David Ben Gurion wrote that Jews would get rid of the foul miasma left by the Palestinians To Ben Gurion and his fellow Zionists the employment of Arab workers by Jews was a cancerous leprosy And so on The nineteenth and early twentieth century history of Zionism is the history of right wing Jews contemptuous of Palestine s natives cultivating the prejudices of imperialist governments Turkey Germany even Russia and then with great success BritainWeiss appears ignorant of the history of Zionism She describes the argument that Israel is a colonialist outpost as a Soviet lie But long before the Soviet Union ever existed organisations like the Jewish Colonialist Trust and the Jewish Colonization Association were promoting the idea of a Jewish colony in Palestine Theodor Herzl proposed in 1896 that this state would be a rampart of Europe and an outpost of civilisation as opposed to barbarism This was the classic racist colonial mentality It met a willing partner in the British government which regarded a pro British Jewish colonial state as a strategic asset Having occupied Palestine by military force the British government then denied the indigenous population the right of self determination which had been promised them in return for material assistance in the 1914 18 war The creation of a Jewish state was accomplished by the British Colonial Office and by the British army which crushed Palestinian resistance with overwhelming military force in the years 1936 39 clearing the way for the violent takeover of Palestine by Jews in 1948 who had been shipping in weapons bullets and explosives since 1921 contrary to the myth of plucky helpless brave Zionists The British even interned thousands of Palestinians in what they even described as concentration camps in the 1930s This violent episode in British imperial history has long been neglected Modern Israel uses the same techniues which the British army used before it in Palestine internment without trial torture house demolitions assassination human shields and collective punishmentWeiss herself reveals a colonial mindset Near the end of her book she writes That I can walk the streets of Tel Aviv today as a feminist woman in a tank top that it is a free and liberated society in the middle of the Middle East is an achievement so great it is often hard for many people to grasp Her complacency is remarkable since Israel routinely denies Palestinians living in the diaspora the chance to visit their families and ancestral homes Bari Weiss represents herself as the incarnation of modernity which is precisely how Zionist colonialism operated promising to bring European civilisation to a supposedly backward Palestine But Tel Aviv is not New York or London where diversity and euality thrive Tel Aviv was established by Jews who did not wish to live alongside their Arab neighbours in Jaffa Tel Aviv is the very essence of Jewish sectarianism and chauvinism having displaced the Bedouin who once lived there having absorbed the Palestinian land and villages which were emptied by violence in 1948 It is a city of privilege exclusion and sectarianism where few Arabs live and its history does not survive critical scrutinyThe free and liberated society which Weiss enjoys as a privileged Jewish American tourist is a violent state which denies eual rights to Israeli Arabs and is a gerrymandered democracy which denies the vote to two million Palestinians in Gaza as well as the inhabitants of the occupied West Bank Weiss prefers to avoid the ugly material foundations of her enjoyable time as a tourist collective punishment the imprisonment of children who are tried by military courts house demolitions torture ongoing land seizures settler racism and violence and the vast state apparatus of permanent repression designed to deny Palestinians euality with JewsBari Weiss begins her book with the Tree of Life synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh on October 27 2018 when a white nationalist gunman screaming All Jews must die shot dead eleven elderly worshippers This atrocity was the worst act of anti Semitic violence in American history But this kind of massacre is routinely inflicted on Palestinians by armed Jews in Israel and the year 2018 was no exception It is a bleak historical irony that on May 16 2018 two days after Israeli troops with telescopic rifles had massacred 60 unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza and shot and injured over 1100 others Rabbi Jeffrey Meyers published a defence of this massacre on the Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue website But whereas the Pittsburgh killings five months later were the work of a solitary extremist the Gaza massacre was the work of professionally trained soldiers who uite methodically shot children paramedics women and others There was also a deliberate policy of maiming young men by shooting them in their legs To be lectured on prejudice by those who defend this kind of depravity is chutzpah indeedWeiss puts herself forward as a lonely and brave truth teller modestly proclaiming I know that much of what I write here will not win me fans In reality this is a very conventional book almost identical in its structure and its aggressive promotion of Israel as recent books on anti Semitism by Julia Neuberger and Deborah Lipstadt Its only interest perhaps is its shrill tone The book reads like the work of someone who knows that what she believes in is crumbling before her eyes and her primary audience seems to be Jews and college students who have fallen out of love with Israel It is also interesting that she is fearful of social media Social media is a valuable resource for exposing realities shunned by the corporate media not least up to date film taken on mobile phones of Israelis including settlers police and the army terrorising Palestinian communities in a manner very reminiscent of how Jews were brutalised in Nazi Germany Jews are at the forefront of exposing this barbarism not least the Israeli human rights organisation B TselemBari Weiss is a journalist who has acuired some notoriety in the course of her career and this book is entirely consistent with her journalism It rests on a foundation of hyperbole demonstrable inaccuracies and anecdotes which are closed to scrutiny because of their vagueness She portrays a world which is a seething cauldron of anti Semitism In London she asserts Jews are cursed at shoved and spat upon At pro Palestinian rallies she alleges Jews are referred to as apes and pig There is freuent demonization of Jews in the press and by politicians But these slurs and hysterical exaggerations are not illustrated by a single example Not one You would never guess that Britain is one of the safest countries in the world in which to be a Jew or that London is a diverse and tolerant city with large thriving Jewish communities which exist perfectly amicably alongside other ethnic groups Palestinian rallies are attended by Jews and Jewish groups who are welcomed not abusedShe is eually unreliable when it comes to history She states that when Alfred Dreyfus was framed as a spy Death to the Jews was shouted in the streets That was what her hero Theodor Herzl claimed to have personally witnessed and wrote about in his essay On Zionism in North American Review But as his biographer discovered Herzl was lying What the crowd had shouted was Death to the traitor Herzl deliberately changed it That kind of mendacity is characteristic of Zionist propagandists and there is no shortage of modern examples Weiss puts forward the standard Zionist version of history blithely ignoring the fact that it has long been debunked by serious historians many of them Israeli She even salutes Winston Churchill for his singular resolve in standing up to Nazi Germany but is presumably unaware that Zionists twice tried to assassinate him firstly with a letter bomb in June 1947 and then with another letter bomb in the spring of 1948Bari Weiss writes that until 2018 I had spent much of my life on a holiday from history Judging by the contents of this book she is still very much on vacation