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characters â A Prayer That Never Fails: 7 Spiritual Practices to Catapult You to Happiness ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Rom it The only solace I was not the only one Having met numerous seekers who visit our ashram to meet My Guru Om Swami I realized that most of them had similar woes My failures were everyday failures for others just as much They too were dancing to the fickle tunes of their. I have read Sadhvi Vrinda Om s book The book of Faith and knew she has a way to connect with you through her honesty and simplicity But with this book she took it to a whole another level The first half of the book are filled with her life experiences that are not too different from many other people s experiences only if you are honest to admit But what is different in the author s case is how these circumstances and the grace of her marvelous Guru help her evolve and change her life for good At many instances I had to pause because it brought a few tears to my eyes Why Because of her honesty and truthfulness and how her struggles dealing with the shenanigans of the mind is similar to my own story because how she selflessly dedicates all the glories and successes to her Guru because of her love and compassion for helping others and finally because of the purity and divinity flowing from her wordsI pray that this books reaches many readers and touches many souls because it deserves every bit of both PS To Sadhvi Vrinda Om In your uest to improve people s lives I can assure you that your book has touched one soul on the other side of this beautiful planet My pranaam to you

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characters â A Prayer That Never Fails: 7 Spiritual Practices to Catapult You to Happiness ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Unanchored and untamed minds But there was hope Simple instructions from the ingenious mind of My master rescued me It is his infallible wisdom that I have tried to capture in this book I hope the lessons in these pages bring you as much peace and clarity as they brought me. I bought the book from it is an incredible book especially for people like me who continually struggle with their own inner self This book has given me a guideline and also strength to be human and still follow a role model like Swamiji who is beyond human imagination if you understand what I mean To know that I am not alone and I am not the only one who has all kinds of drawbacks weakness and a weird brain which is almost like a monster who acts like my own biggest enemy was very relaxing feeling When I read your story Know your mess you have written there Everyone may not relate to this story to that small minority this story will make sense Well It makes sense to meI cried a lot when I read Look at me papa He would have saved you just as he saved me in the chapter Grown ups never grow up I could feel those feelingsThere is so much to learn from the book be it The enemy we love or The Sacred Seven Incidences and examples you have shared about our beloved Swamiji are inspiring and motivating A feeling of awe spreads all over our being whenever we hear or read anything like this about Swamiji We all know that Swamiji is beyond these stories and examples He is way than that but still we want to know all these small incidents and examples because from these we get few glimpses of The One we LOOOOOOOOVE I am not done reading it I am still reading it the reason behind that is one English is reaalllllly high level for Hindi Medium People like me second I don t want to just read it I want to drink it slowly sip by sip like a child licks her favorite ice creamI also find that this book is an honest and brave work from a renunciate who is in ochre robe and still opening all the secrets of her mind which most people can not even dare to open even in front of themselves let alone others Writing about her ups and downs and publishing them in the form of a book so that other people can be benefited from them is really brave stepOnly an Om Swami s disciple can do this

Download ó eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Om Swami

characters â A Prayer That Never Fails: 7 Spiritual Practices to Catapult You to Happiness ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Want to know the greatest benefit of being a sannyasin Well you never have to stand in front of your cupboard and think what should I wear today There is only one color When I was initiated into sannyasa I thought I had become a different person forever The reality was far f. Have you ever had a uestion gnawing at you or a problem that you could not resolve to only have the universe give you the answer or send support your way This is grace the power of attraction AKA the secret I have on multiple occasions over the last couple of years Usually it would be a blog post by Om Swami or one of his video discourses that would seem like it was meant just for me as it would directly answer the uestion or issue I had been mulling over Now it seems Sadviji Vrinda Om also has this power as this book was another such experience for me Particularly the section on parentingI m a father of 3 little kids 2 4 and 6 years old and it is a huge and difficult responsibility to raise them uoting a line from the book she saysWhen we grow our families our friends the world at large grows with us We must grow up so that we may positively impact the lives of those who look upon us for care protection and learningThis is so true For instance I ve been struggling with my 4 year old who used to be all smiles but since becoming the middle child he has been struggling with outbursts of rage and anger When he has these episodes I find myself getting uickly agitated and becoming uite angry myself I don t think this is what he needs I think the anger is covering deep sadness and that he needs love and patience It s very difficult but I am trying to change and show up for him to the best of my abilities Her words were like a balm for this pain I am having while dealing with this and I smiled when I read them after I cried that isShe also writes about keeping wonder alive in our lives This makes life worth living if you ask me How can we not be full of wonder spinning around at brake neck speed on this rock in the middle of nowhere supported by a burning star that we orbit Wonder indeedAlso the chapter on self discipline really struck home for me I have completed a couple of sankalpas recently and it s really increased my confidence in myself that I can do increasingly longer vows This book though made me think about other areas where I could definitely use improvement exercise eat fewer donuts I bought an extra copy to leave at one of our local free library kiosks where anyone is free to take and leave books I think about it like I am planting a little seed and some luck soul will come by and take this seed home They will plant it in soil give it plenty of sunlight and water and it will turn into a beautiful flower that maybe I will recognize if I see it around the neighborhood