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REVIEW ñ Mr. Sampath: The Printer of Malgudi VERY GOOD MINUS TR. Three Novels by R K Narayan is comprised of three short novels Mr Sampath The Printer of Malgudi The Financial Expert and Waiting for the Mahatma All of the novels are set in the fictional Indian city of MalgudiHaving recently read A House for Mr Biswas I was somewhat familiar with many of the cultural and lifestyle practices of the Indian people and this collection is very similar in style and content to that earlier noted work by V S Naipaul Narayan is one of the most widely read and critically acclaimed Indian writer and this is by all accounts a sampling from one of his most productive periodsIn Mr Sampath The Printer of Malgudi we are presented with an industrious young newspaper publisher who falls in with Mr Sampath the printer of his periodical Through a series of circumstances and machinations our young publisher is swept along in a whirlwind of characters and events that ultimately leads him to the pinnacle of success as a movie screenwriter before the obvious house of cards predictably comes crashing downIn The Financial Expert we are introduced to a sly manipulative money lender who has eked out a modest living on the backs of his clients Desirous of greater wealth and riches the loan shark experiences a completely unexpected and inexplicable financial windfall which changes his life completely In the background of this major career move is the relationship between he and his family including an incorrigible and ne er do well sonThe final novel in the collection Waiting for the Mahatma follows the story of a young man in Malgudi living with his grandmother who has come into his modest inheritance He soon falls under the spell of a young woman who is a member of Gandhi s entourage In an attempt to ingratiate himself with the young woman the man becomes a follower of Gandhi and works toward Indian independence though one wonders whether his heart is really in the effort or he is merely going through the motions in order to stay on the good graces of the woman he is pursuingEach of these novels set in the mid 20th century displays a rich tapestry of Indian culture and s many of which are almost beyond the understanding of modern Western minds Written by a native Indian in the midst of both the struggle for Indian independence and the rigid caste system the stories indicate the near inevitability and predictability of an individual s effort to better one s self and improve hisher station in life

REVIEW Mr. Sampath: The Printer of MalgudiMr. Sampath: The Printer of Malgudi

REVIEW ñ Mr. Sampath: The Printer of Malgudi ADE PAPERBACK 1990. The three novels gathered in this omnibus edition make an excellent introduction to the works of Indian writer RK Narayan The novels all take place in the fictional Indian city of Malgudi They each offer a mix of wisdom comedy pathos tragedy romance and actionMr Sampath is a coming of age novel but one with a particular Indian twist The main character Srinivas is sensitive but immature but he isn t lost or even dissatisfied He needs to be prodded unto the path towards manhood by his elder brother Maturity is acceptance of one s lot but by participating actively in the world around usFull review The Financial Expert is a comic novel about an unsympathetic swindler who is nevertheless mature and wise in his own way We might not like him but it s difficult not to empathize and understand himFull review Waiting for the Mahatma is a modern historical novel of India achieving independence Narayan wrote it soon after the events and Indian history serves as a backdrop to the story of a young couple in love they in turn can be seen as symbolizing India and the Mahatma Narayan paints an intimate portrait of India rather than an epic canvasFull review This is a gorgeous edition by the way Cloth bound hardcover book printed on acid free paper and with a bookmark ribbon attached It feels good to hold and smells niceVincent Poirier TokyoLinks to separate editions of each novel Mr Sampath The Printer of Malgudi The Financial Expert Phoenix Fiction Series Waiting for Mahatma

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REVIEW ñ Mr. Sampath: The Printer of Malgudi Edition by Mandar. R K Narayan provides the most complete view of the Indian soul to the outsider with his many novel all set in the town off Malgudi Admired by Graham Greene I am sure you will enjoy this collection of the novels by one of my favorite authors and an excellent introduction