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Uprooted Read & Download Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ard for Best NovelShortlisted for the Hugo Award for Best NovelAgnieszka loves her village set deep in a peaceful valley But the nearby enchanted forest casts a shadow over her home Many have been lost to the Wood and none return unchanged The villagers depend on an ageless wizard the Dragon to protect them from the forest's dar. 355Spoilers aheadThis is now the second book I ve read recently that I ve considered overhyped From what I ve heard it s another retelling of Eastern Europe folklore similar to The Bear and the Nightingale so I guess I can t really say anything about how the story unfolds as a standard unexpected chosen one taleWhat I will freely bash instead is Sarkan as in he s an irritable prick throughout the story and doesn t get much better by the end I ve seen people say in reviews that they ended up liking him but even as a fellow misanthrope I just couldn t relate At one point the MC makes contact with him from a great distance away something that was unheard of in the book world and his response was to be annoyed LovelyI don t even mind the rather graphic sex scene towards the end section a refreshing take on fantasy sexuality instead of the typical fade to black or full on lack of it Sanderson style But I just don t understand what the MC sees in him He s even close to irritable during that FFSThe relationship is almost creepy in a Stockholm syndrome way I genuinely feel like the book would have been better without him at all similar to how it ended with the MC tending to the sick heart trees that section was good and then Sarkan shows up at the end to dispense boring irritabilityAll in all I ve decided to start doing research into what well reviewed books are based on because apparently retold Eastern European tales aren t my cup of tea Or maybe I ve missed the point entirely who knows Onward to a new book

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Uprooted Read & Download Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook K magic However his help comes at a terrible price One young village woman must serve him for ten years leaving all they value behind Agnieszka fears her dearest friend Kasia will be picked at the next choosing for she's everything Agnieszka is not – beautiful graceful and brave Yet when the Dragon comes it's not Kasia he take. I feel like I don t have words to adeuately describe this book Beautiful and terrible come to mind Beautiful in the descriptions of the spells the creation of the world and the language Terrible because of the horrific battle scenes and the graphic descriptions those include I will say this this book captivated me I was fascinated by Nieshka s wandering magic and how it complimented the Dragon s The Wood and its sentience was also fascinating if morbid It was very much like an extended fairytale but like the old kind the gritty kindOn a side note I ve read a few reviews that go on about the horrible way Sarkan treats Nieshka and how it s SUCH a bad model for relationships While I agree he isn t the nicest guy sometimes he just seems like the isolated grumpy cat kind of person who s seen too much in his life not the horribly abusive older man taking advantage as he was made out to be by some reviewers Sure he shouldn t call her an idiot but he showed his true character through deed than word and than once demonstrated his willingness to put her before himselfAll in all a book that kept me hooked throughout and rarely slowed down If you aren t too sensitive to some violence I d recommend it

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Uprooted Read & Download Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook A dark enchantment blights the land in the award winning Uprooted – a enthralling mythic fantasy by Naomi Novik author of the Temeraire seriesWinner of the Nebula Award for Best Novel Winner of the Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel Winner of the British Fantasy Society Award for Best Novel Shortlisted for the World Fantasy Aw. Magical tale based in large part on Polish fairy tales about Baba Yaga and her hut on chicken foot about Poland and Russia and their never ending conflicts about Agnieszka polish name is a young girl with no skills other then being a total grimy and clumsy mess When it is discovered she has magic of her own it is as undisciplined and chaotic as the girl herself however it is uite potent When mixed with her masters magic it produces miraculous results At the heart of the story is loyalty friendships love greed power and vengeance Not everyone escapes unscathed but those who do have to find their own way to happiness I loved it and found it breathtakingly beautiful