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Read Ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook É Madeline Miller Song of Achilles, The Read & Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Madeline Miller É 4 Free read At once a scholar's homage to The Iliad and startlingly original work of art by an incredibly talented new novelistA book I could not put down Ann PatchettMary Renault lives again declares Emma Donoghue author of Room referring to The Song of Achilles Madeline Miller's thrilling profoundly moving and utterly uniue r. I have never read the Iliad and I thought it might be fun to delve into a modern treatment of the story This book had so many great reviews that it seemed worth buying However I stopped reading the novel when I was about 30% of the way through By this time it became clear that the author was going to make the romance between Patroclus and Achilles the centerpiece of the book For instance as teens Achilles and Patroclus spend two or three years in the wilderness with a centaur who is supposed to be instructing Achilles in the art of war except he doesn t Patroclus is not supposed to be in the wilderness with them but he tags along anyway This means that Patroclus himself has the opportunity to learn the art of war from this great centaur who taught Heracles how to fight but Patroclus doesn t either It appears that the only reason these two were with centaur in the wilderness for a couple years was to allow the author to crate a bucolic love nest for the boys And for unexplained reasons Achilles mother Thetis seems to have always hated Patroclus Again from a Romance novel point of view her intense animosity seems to exist only to create a forbidden love situation between Patroclus and Achilles It all seemed so contrived

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Song of Achilles, The

Read Ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook É Madeline Miller Song of Achilles, The Read & Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Madeline Miller É 4 Free read R Miller's monumental debut novel has already earned resounding acclaim from some of contemporary fiction's brightest lights and fans of Mary Renault Bernard Cornwell Steven Pressfield and Colleen McCullough's Masters of Rome series will delight in this unforgettable journey back to ancient Greece in the Age of Hero. Starting this book I was at a strong 35 stars then it bumped up to 4 and then the end had me in such a mess that it suddenly became 5 A miracle this isThe story and plot revolves around the Trojan war and the moments before and after where Patroclus meets Achilles and laters waits for him The flow is actually uite gentle even during the war fighting I had expected action and heart racing moments and that is maybe why I did not rush into a higher ratingHowever even though I had a feeling of who and the knowledge of death I was still struck hard It did not come on suddenly no It crept slowly clung to my heart and then watered in my eyes It was the reaction to death that got meThe end is beautiful and sweet It brings together the readers and the characters who are in pain and comforts us and makes us alliesThe writing is also wonderful It s poetic and lovely at times Of course if you do not like things being compared to unrelated things such as the plumpness of lips to that of a bee then you will disagree with me here Regardless this is the writing style I most adore in moderation and thus have loved this book

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Read Ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook É Madeline Miller Song of Achilles, The Read & Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Madeline Miller É 4 Free read Etelling of the legend of Achilles and the Trojan War A tale of gods kings immortal fame and the human heart The Song of Achilles is a dazzling literary feat that brilliantly reimagines Homer's enduring masterwork The Iliad An action packed adventure an epic love story a marvelously conceived and executed page turne. Thought i was buying a new conception of a Homeric myth Instead I found myself muddling through a homoerotic romance novel about a weakling a jock and an overbearing mother Yeah some mythological reference is tossed in the salad but I uit this self indulgence about a third of the way through Don t be fooled by the title Positive reviews are a mystery to me I got nothing against love stores whoever the lovers are but I don t enjoy romance novels historic contemporary or pseudo mythological especially where the partners are uneual This is not a retelling of myth Speculation into the private lives loves and bedrooms of classical gods demigods and heroes does little if anything to enhance understanding of the ground upon which classicism was built At best it grants insight into the authors s fantasies in which I am frankly not interested